You are more than you think.

"You do not have a Soul, you are a Soul, you have a body." ~ C S Lewis

This little piece of stretched rubber depicts the way we can feel when we forget that we are a Soul that is having a physical experience and not the other way around. This is easy to forget because there are so many things that distract us from it. One of those is the body itself with all the legitimate and often overwhelming needs it has in order to survive. On another level, the body's ego seems to want to take center stage and when its performance doesn't measure up or it doesn't get all the attention it thinks it needs, it can easily get caught up in feeling deprived and unsatisfied.

For the most part Souls are invisible, except when they leak out in works of art and acts of Love. They can often seem hard to comprehend. But we know they are there because at times we can feel their reality, especially when we are inspired with great ideas or experience profound peace.

When we forget what we are, all it takes is a little shift of consciousness to refresh our minds and after we remember, we will be able to trust that we have all the strength we need to 'carry on'. Because of all the distractions around and within us, we need to make this shift frequently. After a while, our memory improves and it becomes a lot easier for us to smile.

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